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Below you can find valuable resources to create your own community art projects! There are templates, color palettes, instructional videos, lesson plans, and even a comprehensive "playbook" to guide you. Some of this information also exists in other areas of this website.


The Uvalde Love Project Playbook is a comprehensive tool for creating your own healing-centered engagement community mural from start to finish. It touches on all aspects, from community engagement throgh technical issues. 

Click here to request a free digital download of the Playbook

Tiles Across America - practical lesson plans

Below are healing-centered engagement lesson plans for educators based on our Tiles Across America part of the Uvalde Love Project. These can be meaningful projects at schools, or even a useful tool in art therapy sessions. We’ve put together a “how-to” video describing how to create and contribute. Please watch the tutorial videos below, and download the tile template here.

Once you watch the tutorial videos, you can download the lesson plans here.

Intro to tilemaking

Lesson: Day 1

Lesson: Day 2

Detail Lessons

All clay used in tile creation for this mosaic mural must be classified as Cone 5 or higher. Look for “mid-fire” clay if you’re choosing a clay medium. You can choose to glaze them yourself using our color palette (click here for palette), or we can glaze them for you.


For delivery logistics and questions, please email

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