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Our Team

The Uvalde Love Project is a community project that will promote community healing through a combination of workshops and art. The final part of the project is a mosaic mural of hand made tiles by workshop participants and other members of the community.

Our therapists and artists are a highly experienced team of former teachers who became mental health professionals, based out of Austin, TX, who have dedicated themselves to children and healing.

We are flexible and trauma-informed. All Uvalde Love sessions can be customized based on the participants’ needs in real time. We will facilitate activities based on best practices from evidence-based models such as:

• Trust Based Relational Intervention

• Neurosequential Model in Education

We listen deeply. Our goal is to utilize the existing strengths in the community and enhance the capacity of educators and caregivers to provide trauma-informed support. The goal is for healing to continue generation after generation.

We believe that collective trauma requires collective healing. We believe that art provides a path for healing when words are not enough. We believe that post-traumatic growth is possible. And we love helping people on their own journeys to healing.

Our Committee

Our committee members are industry professionals from diverse backgrounds that help us build and maintain the Uvalde Love Project. We depend on these people for strong knowledge and advise, connections, and assistance in fundraising that allow the project to thrive and provide service to Uvalde community members.

Teachers Making a Difference

Teachers will be taking the lead in creating this large-scale healing community mural, working in their classrooms using trauma-informed techniques.

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